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James Harkin is a social forecaster, and the Director of Flockwatching

The problem with futurologists. The Guardian, comment pages, 31 December 2005. By James Harkin

Spare a thought, as you sit idly recovering from your seasonal indulgences and pondering your new year’s resolutions, for those who are not so unfortunate. … READ MORE

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The television hit Desperate Housewives tells us all we need to know about the demise of the suburban dream. Arriving shortly after the urbanity-championing Sex … READ MORE

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The advocacy revolution. The Guardian, comment pages, 2 September 2006. By James Harkin

‘Ten million want to quit ‘overtaxed’ UK”, shrieked the lead of one of Sunday’s papers. A huge majority of Britons, a survey had found, want … READ MORE

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