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James Harkin is a social forecaster, and the Director of Flockwatching

The future of search. The Times (UK), 12 June 2009. Essay by James Harkin

The Times (London) In the space of a single decade, internet search has changed the way we look at the world beyond recognition. Google has … READ MORE

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Caught in the net: how to get lost in the data glut. The New Statesman, 4 May 2009. Essay by James Harkin

Whatever prophets of the net say, information for its own sake is not power. Power is power. The relentless gush of electronic information and invitations to offer feedback which now come our way can often obscure where real power lies

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How futurology lost sight of the future. The Financial Times, March 5 2005. By James Harkin

In Stanislaw Lem’s novel, The Futurological Congress, published in 1971, Ijon Tichy, a Russian cosmonaut on his way to an international gathering of futurologists in … READ MORE

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