Interpret it properly and all the data out there on the net can help us to predict what’s coming next. It can help us track how trends and sub-cultures move and spread across borders, how they rise and fall.

Flockwatching gathers intelligence across business, media and culture to figure out what’s going to happen next. As the middle of our culture cracks up, we recognise that the best measure of the direction taken by a product category or a political campaign isn’t so much the demographic attributes of the audience – their age, income, their education, gender or race – but the intensity with which they like it, and their willingness to pass it on.

With the help of new ideas, powerful proprietary news and information databases, evidence from think tanks and recent scholarship and insights from a highly qualified network of flock-watchers around the world, we establish patterns in the ether to get a sense of how public sentiment is changing and which trends and sub-cultures are gaining ground. In papers, seminars and keynote addresses, we:

  • Use the traditional tools of scenario planning to project current trends into the near future
  • Examine what’s coming next in different sectors, and across different cultures.

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